Dancingfools Ironman Mark III first time pepakura build from Indonesia


First i just want to say thanks to all the people who had put so much effort and share the same passion in props as i do. the amount of knowledge i get from these forums has been very helpful with my build.

i want to thanks dancingfools for sharing his files. bear in mind this is my first pep build so excuse the sloppy work..

i do still need help with tips on detailing and paint color match
so far this is my progress.

comments please :)











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I'm still looking for the sloppy work? hehe

that is very nice, clean work. I like the paper you are using.
It's shiny and it looks very strong.

Good luck with your project.


Thats looking great for being ur first time. Did u resin the pep with smooth cast?

no not yet, i dont think i'll end up molding it since i have no molding casting skills.. i'd just putty, sand , paint and wear it as is.. the paper has a special laminate which works like a layer of resin.

Stealth: hey thanks for the tutorials.. it really helped me with this build. sloppy as in some parts are really small they're so hard to pep, but hey thanks for the compliment :). i'm still struggling with the gold color any help? and the eyes and the faceplate hinges gonna be hard..





here are pictures of a suckface helmet i been working on .. seems like the rivets didnt come out perfect from the mold.. and i have no idea what tools to use to fix it... might try to machine aluminum rivets later and drill the existing rivets out and replace it with the aluminum ones.

now i need to figure out the gold paint, eyes and faceplate hinge..


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Great job! I am using Dancin fools Mk3 files as well arent they great! Look forward to watching this build and maaann I'd love to get that paper!! But how does it take resin?


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I like that helmet! :) And very nice start on the rest of the parts too!!!

Rialto, if you want to accurize your smaller parts, give me a shout, I might be able to help you out! ;-)
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