Dan Aykroyd, Ernie hudson apperances

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    Since I suck at google, thought it might be fun to have a thread where these guys are having conventions posted. The last one for Dan in NJ was about three years ago :).

    Now that I have my pack finished, I'd like to get it signed. And of course, no one is local :). I hear ramis and murray hardly ever get out into the fan world, you just have to be lucky to spot them :).

    So, if anyone's got a dan or ernie sighting, or a story about meeting ramis or murray, post it if you got it :)
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    Watch his Crystal Skull vodka tourdates. I saw him over a year ago and he signed 3 things for me..and I just had to buy a bottle of vodka. ;)
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    I have been :) but occasionaly, folks will find something that isn't listed :)
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    My strangest Akroyd sighting was when I got standby tickets for SNL 3 or 4 years ago. We were all lined up waiting to see if we were lucky enough to get in, and and I look behind the security counter, and look at the security guard there for the first time...i mean REALLY looked at him...and it was Dan-Freakin-Akroyd, in the full Rockefeller Center security uniform, just standing around.

    You couldn't get to him, (He was past the security checkpoint) nor were we close enough to yell out his name without making a scene, so I guess he found the perfect prank: being famous in plain sight.

    Even after I pointed out his existence to a few other people in line, some didn't believe me, because he was legitimately working as a security guard. Or at least he appeared to be.

    Hard times, I guess.

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    stuff like that would just bug me for eternity ;o). Was it him, wasn't it him? :)

    Apparently it's been known that Bill Murray will walk into random bars and bartend...that's gotta be a surreal moment.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2Dvxexw0ug Pointless add on. At 4:50, I saw that statue at a Jersey Shore amusement park ten years ago.. Wonder if it's the same one? Can't be that many around..
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