Dallas Comic Con Fan Days (Fan Expo) - Aliens Photoshoot/Meetup

Discussion in 'Conventions and Prop Parties' started by Keely, Jul 17, 2015.

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    So I'm currently working on a my Ripley costume, along with a Newt, Hicks and Hudson for my kiddos for Dallas Comic Con Fan Days in October and would LOVE to get a huge group together during the Red Carpet event that Saturday.

    It usually starts around 3pm, so if we could meet up at 2:30 for some group photos first that would be amazing.

    Looking specifically for marines and Xenomorphs, but anything in the AvP universe would be awesome.

    AND if anyone knows of any other Ripley/Sigorney Weaver cosplayers that would be too cool. I'd love to do a photoshoot with others dressed as her from Ghostbusters, Avatar, Galaxy Quest, Alien, Alien 3, Resurrection, etc etc.

    I'm attaching a few of my in progress pics below. You can view more at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.489676304531604.1073741861.412219245610644&type=3

    2015-06-09 21.28.00.jpg RipleyShoes.jpg 2015-07-12 20.03.10.jpg HicksHudsonArmor.jpg NewtProgress.jpg
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    So glad you've posted here too because I can give you more praise (I'm Karlie, the girl who left a Facebook comment last night)! Hope you find the others you need because I want to see these photos so badly!! :)
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    Thanks Karlie!! We'll have photos either way, but the larger group the better!

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