Dalek dress


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I recently went to my first con as a Dalek from Dr Who, this was my first real cosplay and i was just wanted some feedback on it. Thanks.
Oh it's so cuuuute!
What did you make the domes out of, they look pretty neat. Your princess seams look really clean and I especially love how you did the black in the middle. Good stuff!
I'm not much of a Dr Who watcher but I know what a Dalek is and your dress looks fantastic !

I knew exactly who you were, it looks great.

Did you have fun ? Lots of people taking your picture ?
Part of the fun of wearing a neat costume to a Con is finding pictures of yourself all over the net.
Excellent cosplaying kenshu :thumbsup, you have completed a very fine Dalek dress build, I showed Dalek Caan your Dalek dress.

He mentioned that they would have no need of cloning, if there were more Daleks like that on skaro.:behave..... Bad Dalek Caan:lol
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