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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Kenshu, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Kenshu

    Kenshu New Member

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    I recently went to my first con as a Dalek from Dr Who, this was my first real cosplay and i was just wanted some feedback on it. Thanks.
  2. Laamberry

    Laamberry Well-Known Member

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    Oh it's so cuuuute!
    What did you make the domes out of, they look pretty neat. Your princess seams look really clean and I especially love how you did the black in the middle. Good stuff!
  3. James Kenobi 1138

    James Kenobi 1138 Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I'm not much of a Dr Who watcher but I know what a Dalek is and your dress looks fantastic !

    I knew exactly who you were, it looks great.

    Did you have fun ? Lots of people taking your picture ?
    Part of the fun of wearing a neat costume to a Con is finding pictures of yourself all over the net.
  4. Uncle

    Uncle Active Member

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    Nice job!
    Where's your plunger?
  5. DRD 1812

    DRD 1812 New Member

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    Great costume. What did you use for the spheres?
    Are those Doctor Who-themed shoes I see?
  6. ONEYE

    ONEYE Sr Member

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    Too cool! You can make a Dalek kilt for your man!
  7. Doh2

    Doh2 Sr Member

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    Looks good -- and quite clever.
  8. Rassilon

    Rassilon Well-Known Member

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    Excellent cosplaying kenshu :thumbsup, you have completed a very fine Dalek dress build, I showed Dalek Caan your Dalek dress.

    He mentioned that they would have no need of cloning, if there were more Daleks like that on skaro.:behave..... Bad Dalek Caan:lol
  9. BunnyWannabe

    BunnyWannabe Member

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    This is awesome. I really like it!
  10. Sporak

    Sporak Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    That's Brilliant!

    I love it :)

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