Daisy BB Guns

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by robertsonick, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. robertsonick

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    Hey everyone,

    Has anyone made anything out of these old bad-boys?
    I've got a really old one, a No. 12 Model 29. I just need the trigger for it and it'll be fully working.
    I'm going to be blocking the barrel part-way down so nothing can be shot from it but the lever action mechanism and trigger both work with that little bit of recoil it gives once the spring snaps back.

    Got plenty of ideas for it but wouldn't mind hearing some experiences of working with them.


  2. Rikarus

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    At least you wont put you eye out! :p

    How old is it, old enough to be a collectable...low serial number or anything?
    Otherwise its pretty plain, maybe steampunk it up?
  3. BrundelFly

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    Dont know. But for you PREPPERS...and you KNOW who you are!

    You should have one in a survival pack. Get the PUMP Kind, not CO2.
  4. robertsonick

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    It was made in 1908!! I'm trying to figure out how to mount a scope to it.
    I need to make it look like it actually takes bullets so I need to add a bullet entry gate and an ejection gate. It's really small so it's tricky to fit this stuff in.

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