Dain Ironfoot's Helmet


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Here we go again! This time it's not so crazy, only the helmet (so far, but I doubt I'll ever go past it). I just couldn't NOT make this beautiful piece of dwarven gorgeousness.


As you can see his helmet is based on the basic Iron Dwarf helmet. The details differ from the art book to the physical version and film version (which I THINK was digital, based off of the physical one) I'll be grabbing any more reference I can find of behind the scenes, and I'm waiting for the bluray to be released for higher detail screencaps.

I plan to have the base of this done for Vancouver Fan Expo which is the first weekend of April, where I'm hoping to host a panel about LOTR related cosplay with a new friend. I don't need to have all the details done for the convention, but I'll probably be able to add some.

I'm hoping to step up my detail and painting work on this one. I cut a lot of corners with my last helmet, but this one is meant to be a show piece, so I will try to be more fastidious about the details and getting it screen accurate (within reason).

I also hope to keep better track of my time spent on the project, I've had a few people asking about commissioning a helmet, and I never have a decent response since I have no clue the time it would take me to make another one. So many by the end of this I'll have a commission price for Iron Hill helmets.

Check out my signature for my previous armour by the way.
Totally subscribed! I loved Dain's costume and may give it a shot at some point (in the far future, lol). I am eagerly looking forward to seeing your progress on this!
I might be making this as well.

Where did you get that second photo from of the "Real helmet"?

Awesome, I look forward to your take on it. The first 4 images are from this behind the scenes videohttp://youtu.be/J2Ei_9Vb1F8 you've reminded me there are a bunch of new behind the scenes videos that I haven't watched yet, time to scour for more reference.
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