Daft Punk Thomas helmet NEED HELP


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Hello community!
So I just bought a smooth-on smoothcast 65 R Thomas Daft Punk helmet(raw cast). I want to make some Helmets out of it, i know that RPF users hate recasting, but i want to make 3 Helmets for myself, and 2 for Friends. Than i bought Smooth-On's Rebound 25, silicone thinner, some wax for the silicone to not stick together(2 parted silicon mold) and some Smooth-On's Plasti-Paste. I still need some clay for marking the half of the helmet and some mdf. Im doing this all after Volpin Props great Blog http://goo.gl/QSNgjW . Do i need more stuff to achieve a good outcome? Its also my First Time dealing with silicone and molds in general. Any tips for the Process?
I'm sorry if this post loocks strange in any way, this is my first day on RPF, and sorry for my bad English ;-)


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As far as recasting, I'm not sure that is such a good Idea. Not only because most buyers you purchase these casts from forbid it, but also because you lose some detail and inherit any imperfections in the cast that was made for you. These imperfections can range from mother mold keys that didn't line up correctly or air bubbles that you didn't fix correctly. I personally have never made a mold myself but the process isn't that hard in theory. YouTube has a great range of videos that will help you! The easiest method I would recommend to make a mold is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vwd3VNRHtGA.
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