Daft Punk Guy Manuel Tron Hybrid


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After a while pondering, I've taken the plunge and got myself one of Sorenzo's Guy Manuel casts today.


I will tell you now.....this WONT be a quick project :rolleyes

Its the tron version of the helmet, however, there are parts of all the helmets that I like, so will be putting in the fan & cheek LEDs, the wire head back, still unsure of what colour chrome the actual helmet will be....theres plenty of time for that.

I've also got the pattern for the leather suits, so will be working making up a mock version in cotton first for sizing then will take it from there.

Now...for under the jacket, if Im going out, I will be making a tron-esque lycra muscle top with a urethane chest emblem....I've been playing about with it tonight and have come up with this....


Any critiques or advice or even any suggestions will be very welcome.

I'll post updates on this thread as I go along...

Cheers guys


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Made a start to trimming it.

(APOLOGIES FOR THE CRAPPY IPHONE PICS - my slr is out on loan to a friend...i'll post better pics after the new year)

I dug out the trusty dremel (first time used ever)....and trimmed the bottom so i could get my head in


and then made a start to removing the front visor


I've since discovered that the living room is not the ideal place to do such work. there is dust EVERYWHERE.....luckily the girlfriend is out at the moment, so i've stopped, dusted and hoovered....she'll ever notice !! :cool


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I also made the lycra suit a lot darker and have taken the logo off, means I can swap the suit with a darker batman suit, using magnetic chest emblems etc...The suit is now at the printers so should get it in about a week or so.



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This is what Im going for....I've decided on the colour.


The only difference will be that the ear will be cut out and have the graphic in it, but the back of the head wont have wires in it and will be metallic like this. (I've got a feeling this may change as we go on !!)
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