Daft Punk Guy-Manuel - Speed Budget Build for halloween. (Photo Heavy)


Admittedly there are quite a number of these on the boards lately, but of all the costume ideas I have this is marginally the easiest. Given, there isn't enough time to do this build the justice it deserves, I just want something passable for Halloween. So, lets begin.


Not totally accurate, but the gist is there.


In searching for a plastic to use for the shiny glove bits, I ran across this pipe, the thickness is right and the curve to it works nicely. I traced my hand and sketched out some templates, test fit them and then drew them out on the pipe. Next I'll cut out the pieces and shape them with a dremel, them give them a few shots of primer then gold.






Partly pepped, will finish tomorrow and hopefully will fiberglass Monday, with the rest of the week devoted to bondo and sanding, with the week leading up to Halloween devoted to painting and finishing. Impossibler things have been done.



I haven't quite cracked how I'm going to actually see out of this thing though. I can only assume I'm going to think up something very clever at some point. Perhaps I can integrate a bit of welding visor without destroying the nice sexy smoothness of the faceplate. We'll see.
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