Daft Punk Guy Manuel Helmet Project


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Hey Guys
Greetings from Australia.
New to the forum but Iv been hanging around for a while checking out threads.
Some amazing work happens here!

Anyway Iv always wanted a Daft Punk helmet but never had the money to spend buying one of the production ones as great as they are.

So I decided to try my hand at making my own.

Started with a Pep model I found on a Daft Punk Forum.


Unfortunatly Im not as talented at Pep models as I would like so I only used it as a rough guide.

After resin I decided to get straight into the Bondo work.


After Looking through countless reference photos and other build threads I decided to take my favourite parts of each helmet and make one that I love as opposed to a factually correct version of a single helmet.

I know some people may find this terrible but I figured if I'm going to put the effort in I may aswell make something I want.

For example I'm going with a round chin strap on my version although the actual Human After All Era Helmets have a squared off chin.

Also lights because I'm a big kid who likes flashing lights!

And this is where I'm at currently. Still needs more fine tuning o the shape but I'm getting there.

Any Help, Comments or Guidance would be amazing.

Nice build so far! Im from aus too and am yet to tackle my first build haha would you mind telling me what brand of bondo etc you are using? Is it just one from supercheap auto or..
Thanks for positive comments guys!
Iv post some more progress soon.
And Yes Tuck iv just been using the super cheap auto home brand bondo.
Cheap and works great :)
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