Daft Punk Black Leather Jacket and Pants

Now that Dragon*Con is over, I have a little time to post about a special project that I got to work on for it. I made a replica of the black leather outfit worn by Daft Punk member Thomas Bangalter (well, they wear the same one, but this went with a Thomas helmet). The Thomas helmet here was made by Volpin Props (he is also the recipient of the outfit).

I have a lot of pictures to post, but here is the start:


It started as a mockup in cotton duck cloth...


Jacket front view...


Jacket back view...


The finished front view...


The finished back view...

I'll compile some more work in progress shots as well as info about the process a little later this evening. So for now...just teasers =)
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Not bad at all, I've been planning to commission one of those for a long time. Need to finish my helmet first.
I said it on the Daft Club and I will say it here, great work.

The suit looks surprisingly good in white. Makes me think that's what they should have done for Tron Legacy.
Also, here are a few more detail/WIP shots:

Jacket in progress...

Finished studs on back of jacket...

Finished back pocket...

Closeup of upper back cording matching at the seam and dart...

Closeup of cording...

And here is an excellent shot of the back details. Photo by PunishedPixels.com.
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@Risu: Yes, I am certainly available to make another one on commission.

@Everyone else: Thanks for the comments!

A few more details about everything:

The jacket and pants are comprised of ten lambskin hides, although having eleven would've certainly made things easier. I was running quite low on leather near the end, so some of the gusseted pieces were actually made with leftovers from an old leather jacket I had.

The single most time consuming part out of the whole costume was definitely the corded panels. Each one takes about 3-4 hours, so I was able to do all ten over the course of five days. I had a lot of difficulty getting all the cords to stay straight as more and more got sewn together, but using a straight edge to help tuck in the cords after they got glued into place was really helpful.

All the cords were sewn with my old Kenmore machine, but all the joints and top stitching were done on industrial machines with a thick, upholstery weight thread. I can't imagine being able to make this outfit without that particular equipment.

The logo on the back was done with a Bedazzler, using the size 20 attachment. The studs were purchased from Kit Kraft. They are the 3/16" conical studs. We considered 1/4", but after a spacing test, we determined that 1/4" wouldn't leave much (any) space in between studs. The Bedazzler made creating the logo a very quick process. The trick to avoid having the prongs splay out is to just apply even pressure with the Bedazzler, and have confidence in those presses. I tried poking the studs into the leather to get them "set up" but that actually caused the splaying. Just let the tool do the work for you.

If there are any questions about the build process, do feel free to ask!
I did my close enough jacket with the bedazzler and it was a nightmare, I'd never do it that way again. You can get conical rivets that I think are more accurate on ebay for about $10 (300 rivets) and setting all of them would take about 15 minutes.

You've got a PM coming your way.
I got to see the jacket up close (I'm William Doran, the photog) and I must say, that is some stunning leather work! Bravo GSTQ!
That looks truly professional! The cording you made is absolutely amazing! I wouldn't mind wearing that piece of art everyday.

Great job!
Ahhh I remember seeing this up close at Dragon*con.Stellar work and Harrison was super proud of it. And thank you for the gorgeous photos and documentation,its really appreciated.
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