Daedric Foam build


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Helllo Guys, i started to make a Daedric Build with the Foam pepfiles from Boris Mzhen.
I got everything here to start but i got a huge problem. i dont know how to size the helmet and the armor of the set.
The helmet got large horns, so i dont know where to start measuring, now i got 470 mm with my helmet but i am afraid it could be too small.
same goes with the torso, where do i begin to measure? the torso got spikes to , they reach to the neck. do i choose the highest and the lowest point to measure?
i am 1,72 tall. pls help guys.
Hello, not sure if this will help but I can tell you what I do for sizing. For a helmet, I find where my chin would go and the crown(top)of my head, then measure in cm. In pepakura if you right click in the 2d menu, choose :measure distance between two points, in the 3d menu you will see your cursor is a red dot, choose on the model your chin point, you will now see a red line extend from your red dot cursor, choose the top of your head, in as roughly a straight line as it can be. A window will pop up with a measurement, based on what it is you can scale up or down from that. This also works with armor.

I hope this helps, cheers
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