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Note: Let me first say that these are much better quality than the knockoff seen in the movie "Paul" this year. The knockoffs are pretty bad... I compared the knockoff to the UC version and it was like someone made a mold of the UC (a really bad one), poured metal inside, pulled it out and took a wire brush to it. Then painted it black.

Anyhoo, I finally completed my set of Samurai 3000 swords from United Cutlery. The company went bust and returned under new ownership. I don't think they are making these anymore so they are getting harder to find. If your interested in these or LOTR sword replicas, goto Budk.com. That's where I got my last two.

First off - The Swords

Top to Bottom: The Samurai 3000 Katana Sword (UC1258), the Samurai 3000 Tanto Sword (UC1260), and finally the Samurai 3000 Ninja Sword (UC1259). These come pre-sharpened and have a nice weight and balance to them. Their stainless steel blades, so not really made for whacking stuff.

Second - The Shadowbox

I've been on the RPF for a while and anyone that has seen my stuff knows that I like shadowboxes. When I can't buy a box, I simply build it. Here you see the box taking shape. It's 48" x 18.5" x 2.5", I've got about $50 in it. Mainly from the lexan plexiglass.

Note: This is also how I would build poster boxes for movie posters with back lights. A couple of fluorescent bulbs and all done.


Everything is laid out like the vision in my head. I still have to decide the color and if I will add LED lighting. But 80% of it is done. Took about 30 minutes to actually build but I've done this several times. My first shadowbox took about 2 hours to get to this point. It also helps if you have the appropriate nailguns handy.


I saw some futuristic woven cloth at the store the other day that I think would look great as the background in this box. It's kinda like carbon fiber but more metallic looking.

I plan to make my own aluminum pegs for the swords to sit upon. I'm going to go hunting for some cool futuristic pegs and see what I find. Less work on my part.. LOL

I'll take more pics as I get further along with this.
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Re: Project: Samurai 3000 Sword Display

The hilt holders and blade pegs are all hand made steel and aluminum. The blade scabbards are held in place by aluminum wire. The swords themselves can be removed and handled.


I'm going today to look at fabrics for the background. I'm looking for a carbon fiber look. Per the wife's suggestion, I'm going to move the Tanto toward the left side of the display. Once everything looks the way I want. Time to install the LED lighting and paint.
Re: Project: Samurai 3000 Sword Display

Looks really good. I was always seeing these in our sword catalogs but wasn't sure how nice they were. I also wondered by United Cutlery's stuff was suddenly pricey even in bud K.
Re: Project: Samurai 3000 Sword Display

I have to admit, UC really is a great company. I couldn't be happier with my Narsil and my Anduril from LotR. They're just great swords, and if I had the space, I'd pick up a Glamdring, too.

Nice work here, Del. Beautiful stuff.
Re: Project: Samurai 3000 Sword Display

Picked up some nice, oriental fabric today that I really like.


Working on adding it to the box. I still have some work to do.
Re: Project: Samurai 3000 Sword Display

Looks really good. I was always seeing these in our sword catalogs but wasn't sure how nice they were. I also wondered by United Cutlery's stuff was suddenly pricey even in bud K.

I think I got the last Ninja 3000 that BudK had. It's not on their website anymore.. :love
Re: Project: Samurai 3000 Sword Display

Final Kodak of the display pre-mounted on the wall.


The fabric ended up being a PITA! It's got a silk consistency to it and makes ripples easily..

Weighs about 10 lbs total..
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