D*C 2011: Ramona Flowers, Black Queen and The Baroness


Unfortunately out of the 5 costumes I had planned, only 3 made it due to various reasons. But considering I was trying to do most of this from Afghanistan I'm ok with how most of it turned out. Ramona was a last minute, "easy" costume. In the reference pic she's wearing roller blades and I knew I'd likely break my neck if I attempted it. However I was quite pleased with the skull & crossbones rain boots I found to replace them. The bag was also improvised. I couldn't find the round one for less than 80 bucks and I was so NOT going to pay that much for it.


I've toyed with the idea of Jean Grey as the Black Queen for a few years now and decided to do it. There's a pic of her floating around with a long dress, sitting in a chair with demons surrounding here.... I love that pic. LOL But I'm not quite built like that, so I went more traditional....


And thanks to the Netherworld guys, I got to be surrounded by demons anyway:



I heart The Baroness. She's just fun to do. I've wanted to do a more tactical style for a few years, but didn't want to go with the fiberglass piece that everyone always seems to do. I played it it in various mediums, but never had the time to actually get it done before I got deployed to Afghanistan. So I cheated and commissioned the armor from a fantastic lady who did all the leather work.



Next two pics courtesy of Bryan Humphry


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