Interest CZ-3 Droid head kit.....CASTINGS DONE AND AVAILABLE


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I have 10 kits done as of 28th june 2021, extremely clean castings from new molds and most of the clean up work has been done for you

1 small part line on the rear, you can have this ready for painting in 10 mins, not a joke.

i've decided i will be able to do some painted heads as i am off work right now after surgery. these are the only heads available this year as i need to get on with other projects.

painted heads are available in 2 versions, like posted below (anh style) or much more weathered as seen in the mandalorian.
please state which you want.

painted are £325 u.k. pounds excluding shipping.






i have been getting requests for more cz-3 head kits.

to see if its worth my while making new molds please state below if you would be interested.

as i mentioned last year, postage costs to the U.S.A. have gone up twice. (blame usps). the rest of the world is unaffected.

£180 U.K. pounds sterling plus £11 shipping in the U.K. (special delivery).

£180 U.K. pounds sterling plus £32 shipping to U.S.A. (Insured and tracked)

£180 U.K. pounds sterling plus £25 shipping outside U.K. (Insured and tracked) has £180 pounds at 254 U.S. dollars right now

Timescale.... it would be June / July onwards probably. No money until casts are boxed ready to post, that is how i do things.

example of kit contents below, again i have to stress that there is a part line up the back of the head, they are not cracks. very easy to prep. like 10 mins.



an example of a painted one (not planning any painted ones for sale, just kits)


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10 kits available right now as of 28th june 2021

i will be accepting commissions for painted ones.

*there has been a small mod done to the neck ring, there is now an inside lip so it can be bonded onto the droid neck instead of flapping around unattached.

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