Cylon Commander from Sage of a Star World


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OK first off this isn't a prop, but I didn't see a location to have screen used costumes, so I selected this location.

In the original pilot movie Battlestar Galactica: Sage of a Star World a Command Centurion with emblem badges was spotted on the Ovion planet of Carillon. Most of the film footage ended up on the cutting room floor. A few promo photos were taken, and when the release of the DVD set back around in 2005 the filmed footage was released.
Here are a few screen images, and then my Cylon with the emblems mounted.
click for image
click for image
" 'Sage' of a Star World" - a very different movie from the one they released....:rolleyes

But neat piece anyway. Wonder where the emblem came from originally?

The only difference was editing in the final release besides Baltar living or not. The design I have no idea but the Adama brooch was from British decent.
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