Cybertron wall art


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I've been on a bit of a Transformers kick lately and decided to see if I could translate a painting of the planet Cybertron into real life.


And this was my result.

FX 1 sm.jpg

FX 5 sm.jpg

The planet itself is 12" in diameter. The main body and larger buildings are hand sculpted with the smaller buildings being filled in with kit bashed details.

I rotocast the main hull in cold-cast stainless steel and inlaid the city sections in pressure cast clear resin that had been painted and detailed. An aluminum dome is underneath to act as a heat sink for the LED strips that cover it.

The display stand is simply a black acrylic box outfitted with fiber optic stars set on a twinkle circuit.
That is neat as. Making a section as a display base for the toys has always been on my todo list, but this is awesome all on its own. I mean Cybertron is as iconic as the robots are and you sir have captured it in such an accurate depiction. It has this impropable crowded look, like it's way to small for it's inhabitants that is so unique and captivating. You really nailed it in 3D!
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That is super cool! This build (and the Star Destroyer Docking Ring by Haui ) makes me want to build something like this as a lighting fixture in my workspace...