Cyberpunk 2077 Trauma Team Helmet


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So after hi-res images were released I decided to do a complete rebuild, and after much hard work I've finished up the latest version of the Security team helmet. One big issue and a question I was frequently asked, was how do you see in it? So for this version I've created a clear portion for the front visor and covered it in perforated vinyl. One can see quite easy, the downside is I think it takes away from the look of the helmet, so I'm still on the fence with the perforated vinyl look. I took some time on the interior as well by making some comfy padding and chin strap.

The first version I made used an LED with battery power for the light. On this version, I built a flashlight into the side pod, so no additional wiring is needed. In the hi-res images released by CDPR their helmet also had the visor that could rotate open, so yes, challenge accepted! lol. So this hinge system isn't the greatest but it works. It's a manual operation, there is just no room for servos with the tinted visor in place.

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you have pictures of the opening system of the viewer??


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I tried using small slots on the very first helmet I did but it's still nearly impossible to see at all. I was thinking of adding a solid white border to the centre area and reducing the perforated vinyl area somewhat. A 50mm space in the centre is still an effective viewing space. That should keep the overall look more in line with the original concept.

Yes, I will be releasing this later however to build it properly you'll definitely need a resin printer for the small pieces to work. All of the side
fasteners were resin printed and then I used 3mm nuts to secure them.

Did you ever release the STLs for this?

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