Cyberpunk 2077 Pilot Helmet


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Another completed Cyberpunk helmet, and as the title says this is the pilot's version.
Modelled in Modo and printed on a creality printer with the small detailed bits using the Anycubic Photon. The fibreglass effect is vinyl stretched and cut onto the finished helmet. (y)

cyberpunk_2077_Pilot_03.jpg cyberpunk_2077_Pilot_01.jpg cyberpunk_2077_Pilot_02.jpg cyberpunk_2077_Pilot_04.jpg cyberpunk_2077_Pilot_05.jpg cyberpunk_2077_Pilot_06.jpg cyberpunk_2077_Pilot_07.jpg cyberpunk_2077_Pilot_08.jpg


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Surely you mean carbonfibre effect with vinyl? Not many people like the fibreglass finish

Just teasing Love the helmet very nice work!

Same here.. played the game, small bugs but nothing that breaks it for me either.


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I haven't gotten round to playing the game, but I love the aesthetic of this - also loving the use of the little SATA cables! ;)


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LOVE IT!!! Did i mention i LOVE IT!! You capture it look like you walked off the set with it. Amazing work and lots of eye grabbing details next level! Keep up the great work!

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