Cyberpunk 2077- Johnny Silver Hand pistol


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Yes, yes I know the game kinda is a disappointment, but I still liked it and I am wondering if there is anyone currently working on an STL file for Johnny Silverhand's pistol from the game. I really really want my own it is a pretty bad ass pistol. I am willing to pay for the file too. Someone, please help!


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I'm interested too, already started trying to figure out what base I could use in order to turn it into a functional airsoft prop. Sadly my 3d modeling skills are non-existent. I did grab some in game screenshots though.



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Someone cyborg'ed Keanu Reeves?

Yes, he plays cyborg Johnny Silverhand in the videogame Cyberpunk 2077. The character was already established in the franchise before Keanu's involvement. The Cyberpunk game franchise goes back about 20 years (very rough guess), and started in a book.

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It is kinda' cool.

Here are some crops from the Hot Toys photos...












So it's supposed to have transparent amber grips? Meh... how clichéd. :confused:


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So it's supposed to have transparent amber grips? Meh... how clichéd. :confused:
I viewed it a bit as a homage, given the magazine being in front of the trigger and the LED's are very reminiscent of Deckard's pistol. There are plenty of easter eggs in the game, BR is without a doubt an inspiration.


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I don't mind it, I got into the whole cyberpunk scene from Blade Runner. I enjoyed the game from the start and I wanted to find something to latch onto and create from it


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Based on size and and the shape of the beavertail. It's got some serious desert eagle vibes. Might be a good starting point.


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I think a PC owner will have to dig into the STL files and find it. Then print away!
PC game files are usually encrypted or at least packaged in an unusable format. You'd have to wait for the file format to be translated. You'd then have to change the game files into manifold stl files to be printable. Game files tend to be optimized for game platform, so hidden areas are usually not modeled.
i found when trying to make my Pigeon model from BeamNG, is that even though the game files are accessible, they don't model things the player can't see, like underside of panels and such.
DSCF8306 by aus_mus, on Flickr

More info about "game files" here


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Head on over to patreon, follow a guy named Juri Pranjic. 3Dworkbench. For $15 a month you get all his stl files, and he has done some amazing stuff, including a Silverhand pistol, and several other guns from the game.

I don't think the game is disappointing at all. I am loving it.

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