Cyberman in FOAM!!! - WITH PATTERNS!!


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Unfortunately my site is STILL down for construction, but you can still get the patterns from me directly by email:

I am offering the AGE OF STEEL patterns for $8 (They are from the 2005 Cyberman)

!!!!BRAND NEW!!!!
I am offering the NIGHTMARE IN SILVER patterns for $16. (They are from the 2013 Cyberman)
The price difference is because of the enormous amount of work it took to create these patterns as Letter size! (76 pages!)

They took quite a bit of work to get them in this useable format. They are NOT PEPAKURA!! please understand this, VERY IMPORTANT! I'm a bit old school, lol.

Just email me for the details, thank you! Eventually I will get them up in my SHOP on my NEW SITE, stay tuned!

I have been wanting to work on this costume for over a year and finally found the time! I'm hoping I have enough time to finish for Halloween! Suicide you say? I WILL NOT FAIL! (At least I hope I don't) At any rate here is the beginning, usually I do the head last, but it just called to me to work on first.

I started with patterns that I made myself. I checked out the pepakura files and there was too many cut points and lines everywhere. (my hat off to STEALTH, his tutorial on how to modify the pep files for foam was very helpful) But in the end I just went with the tried and true, trial and error.

Face coming together
2011-10-14 19.47.26.jpg

2011-10-14 22.36.44.jpg

To get the ridge along the center I stacked and glued 6 pieces of 3/8" foam and then bandsawed them into the shape. I'm using foam mats from Harbor Freight, they claim they are 1/2" thick, but if you sand down the tread on the backside it actually comes down 1/8". These are great and take the Barge glue really well.
2011-10-15 11.44.37.jpg

2011-10-15 11.48.35.jpg

2011-10-15 11.52.07.jpg

2011-10-15 11.55.16.jpg

Ear Muffs as I call them, I am using 1/4" L-200 for some of the detail and I needed some 1/16" so I used those craft foam sheets from Micheals craft stores.
2011-10-15 14.50.36.jpg

2011-10-15 15.41.15.jpg

And this is where I ran into all sorts of issues. I actually put on the back of the helmet and then noticed a lot of inconsistencies and then my wife pointed out how uneven the ears are and suddenly I hit a panic mode. The entire days work shot. I took a deep breath and stopped taking progress pictures (sorry) and Burned thru a reworking of the entire face and ears over a 7 hour period. It looks SO MUCH BETTER! It was totally worth the pain and redo.
2011-10-16 01.38.30.jpg

2011-10-16 01.37.36.jpg

2011-10-16 01.38.04.jpg

Next up the final touches on the helmet, then onto the chest I think.

Thanks for watching.
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Re: Cyberman - at last!!

not a Doctor Who fan but still looks pretty cool, i wish you good luck and god speed since your trying to finish it for Halloween, sounds a tall order
Re: Cyberman - at last!!

I just wanted to say you've done an impressive job with the foam creating a Cybermen Helmet! Keep up the great work and keep the pictures coming please...
Re: Cyberman - at last!!

Excellent work on the Cybermen Helemt, good detail to, keep the build going and look forwored to seeing your build.
Re: Cyberman - at last!!

UPDATE! So with some diligence I finished out the helmet. (still needs the neck, but I'll get to that later)

As promised I got around to the chest. These are my patterns. UNHEARD, I actually tried to used the Pep files but they are not working at all for me, so from this point no pep files!

As usual I'm moving so fast I don't take many pictures.


All done! I just need to make the detail stuff for the back and the cyber symbol on the front. On to the Arms next!


Thanks for the encouragement and keep watching!
Re: Cyberman - at last!! IN FOAM!!!

that is incredible Malaki.
I don't really know this character much but the work speaks for itself.
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Re: Cyberman - at last!! IN FOAM!!!

The cybermen used to scare the bejaysus out of me ........ really great work. You make it look so easy.
Re: Cyberman - at last!! IN FOAM!!!

that is incredible Malaki.
I don't really know this character much but the work speaks for itself.

cybermen are race of cyborgs that clashed with doctor who on many occasions

anyway, wondersquid, great build, can't wait to see the finished job =P
Re: Cyberman - at last!! IN FOAM!!!

This is amazing. It's the same method I plan to use (except I'll just use the voice changer helmet to save all that effort, don't have the stones to make it from foam). I'll definitely be following this build.
Amazing work !!!
Everything looks so clean.

Feels like I'm looking ate my own workshop... Just because of those pictures of the cardboard patterns :)
Re: Cyberman - at last!! IN FOAM!!!

Is it too much to say this is magnificent? Major props to you for breaking down and redoing the head like you did. It's looks perfect now! At this breakneck pace, I can definately see you having this done before Halloween.
Re: Cyberman - at last!! IN FOAM!!!

That is some of the cleanest foam work I have ever seen! Looks absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to see the finished product. AAMOF, don't read this...............just work.
Re: Cyberman - at last!! IN FOAM!!!


nice, clean, fast work.

now wire a mic to just under your lip, with a wire running down to a voice changer box...... robot voice?
Re: Cyberman - at last!! IN FOAM!!!

Thank you so much for your compliments, they help to drive me on! I actually am trying very hard to keep it clean (less work on the back end, I hope) so thank you for noticing!

Fullmetal - I actually make my patterns on butcher paper, which I never noticed until you said so, but yeah they do look like cardboard. Cardboard is too heavy for me, I tend to fold and store my patterns in legal sized envlopes so I would never be able to get them all in there!

Stealth - Thanks for the personal shout out, how have you been? Busy I imagine with those tutorials. I am trying to make some myself and man is it so hard without someone else on the camera!

Again, thanks to all for watching.

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