Done / Completed CW The Flash TV Show - CC Jitters Drink Poster TableTop Displays!


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I am still trying to get both the table displays and paper cups made!

Table display graphics just really need to be printed, as I have the acrylic stands already.

I have a printer contact but they require modifications to the graphic dimensions.
They need the edges extended for cutting spillover.
Now, I'm not experienced with professional printers but I never heard of this.
I don't want each graphic to look different, if you understand what I mean.

So, either I am going to find another printer
or just fix my HP laser printer and just cut them myself.

Here is my own prototype, which I did just that:
View attachment 1303327 View attachment 1303328 View attachment 1303350

Hmm that seems like the kind of thing they can do themselves but I don’t know anything about professional prints. But I’m glad this is still happening!


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Any more interest in these?
To keep things simple, each acrylic stand will come with 1 Killer Frost and 1 Try The Flash print.
I will, hopefully, have a final price soon.
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Only 20 available!
I have prepped all of them for shipping.
I still need to figure out the box situation.
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Some photos of the final product.
Sorry for all the watermarks but.. you know LOL
If you are getting a CC Jitters mug, I can try to box these with it.

Main_Image_Minimal.jpg F2 - JK.jpg K2 - JK.jpg
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