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CW The Flash - Jay Garrick Jacket - TV Replica Zoom Cosplay Costume

Sold for 49.99 USD - Out of Stock
$50 + shipping based on your location.

Inspired by The Flash TV show on The CW -
This jacket is a replica of the costume Teddy Sears (Jay Garrick / Zoom) wears, in season 2.

Materials: Synthetic leather, with a polyester and satin interior lining.
Features: 2 interior pockets, a button closure and custom belt loops, to be more accurate.
Condition: The suit was only worn for a couple days, at Comic Con. Has a couple loose threads on cuffs.
Jacket Size: Approximately an Adult XS or Youth XL. It is made for someone with a smaller frame.

---Model Body Measurements:
Chest: 34'' around
Waist: 29'' around
Shoulder Width: 16''
Shoulder to Wrist: 21''

---Jacket Measurements:
Chest: 19'' across
Shoulder Width: 16.5''
Sleeve Shoulder to Wrist: 20''
Shoulder to Bottom: 22'' long

(Gloves not included)


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