CW´s the Flash Season 2 Barry Allen Varsity Jacket (Red)


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Hey there,
the crew from the flash season 2 posted a Set photo of Grant Gustin/Barry Allen in a red jacket.
Can someone help me to identify the red jacket on the picture.

The other picture is from the teen choice awards and on that he wears the same jacket.

Would be awesome if someone could help to match the exact jacket :)



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The first two jackets aren't the same. One is red and the other is purple.
The one in the show is from G-Star RAW:
The teen choice awards jacket is from Levi's:

Hey dude , long time no hear :)
Thank you very much for the help.

Have you any clue about the sand colored jacket ?
I found another picture of it ; tumblr_nu67oxpoaw1susnhzo1_500.png
Maybe it helps,would be awesome :)

Hope you´re doing alright !!!


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Can someone help me with the cardigan and the stripe button down shirt Barry worn on the first episode of season 2 ?


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Please help :(

Someone know which red/black(maybe blue) cardigan Grant wears in the trailer :
The Flash 2x03 Extended Promo "Family of Rogues"[/h]And whats the watch he worn in 2x2 ?

Thank you !
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