Cutting EVA and sintra

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by ArthurDayne, Jun 26, 2015.

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    I have a simple question: What do you use to cut your EVA foam or sintra. Most of the work i see around here have perfectly cut edges, whenever i try to build something one of my main problem is that everything i cut becomes fringy around the edges and therefore is harder to assemble with other parts. I used stanley knifes. I never hat any problem to cut through the material but the control over the knife left a lot to be desired.
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    The trouble you're having is those knives aren't sharp enough for EVA. Exacto knife replacable blades (No. 11) with a cutting handle are the way to go. They'll work better on sintra, too, but may take a few passes over the same cut to get through the material. Always be sure the blade is sharp and you should have better results.

    These blades were originally created for verterinarians to perform surgery on animals, so they are plenty sharp. Use caution.
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    Tell me about it. I've had several times where I didn't even notice I cut myself. It wasn't until I found starfleet logo-shaped bloodspots on my Khan Cannon (haha) that I realised I may be bleeding somewhere. It was my thumb, which created the delta-shape.

    Be careful with them indeed...
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    Added a level of realism and detail unseen in other Khan costumes! Congrats!
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    I've tried using a hot/electric knife, but I found using a sharp xacto blade with firm pressure works best on EVA.
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    I filleted my finger while trying to bevel the edge of some thick mats... I got in quick with Batroban and sports tape to realign it. Perfect scar actually, my most hidden one yet. No nerve damage either so super lucky!

    I wound up cutting with scissors where i could and using a dremel to bevel the edges. This resulted in hot foam kicking up and sticking to anything within range but it was the safer route given I was not able to cut more than a single 12" length with craft blades (the snap off kind).

    Scissors will collapse the foam so you need to be careful: when it re-expands you cut may bulge out or curve in. But I found my scissors seemed to cut more efficiently. And for the thin craft foam you can get quite nice filigree curves.

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