Custom Yoda saber for my wife.


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Custom Yoda for Pocket Truc my wife, this saber will be a Nano V2 saber but for now I don't have any board at home^^

So waiting for the Nano to be ordered I decided to do a pre upgrade so she can play with our son right now.

She name it "Pinky thing"

For now the saber specs are:

- Stock but heavily modified blade holder
- Modified MR Yoda board in order to feed the two dies needed for pink blade
- RGBA Ledengin with red and blue wired in parrallel with resistors in order to obtain pink
- Modified optic and lens for the Ledengin
- 3 Nimh cells 950mah
- Nylon blade retention screw
- Stock accus and speacker combo pack
- Custom brass, delrin and alluminium bladeplug
- Modified covertech wheel with custom brass insert
- New screws
- Modified pommel to shorten it and polish out the inscriptions
- And many other little thinks I have already forget....^^


By the way big thanks to 97th Acolyte for sell me the sotck MR Yoda as a base for this project :))