Custom Vertical Luke ANH Saber Stand


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Now that i am close to completing both my OB1 and Luke ANH sabers i wanted to find a way to display them. At first I was contemplating just doing the standard horizontal display but after some consideration i felt a vertical mount may be interesting, almost displaying it as abstract sculpture.

The first challenge was designing something that had a rustic aesthetic to match the worn nature of the sabers. I decided to use a thick piece of unfinished walnut because of its beautiful color and earthiness and pair it with a clear acrylic arm that in my head would fade away and let the saber seem to stand on its own. It took a few sketches to figure out how I wanted the arm to look (as minimal as possible) and how to make it stable. in the end it seems to work perfectly with the circular holder which is able to bend in order to attach and remove the saber. This stand was made specifically for lukes ANH saber but i will make another to hold OB1's based on the same design. The plaque was made by @Pastorjedi and he did an amazing job. i realize that the plaque is for ob1 and the saber is Luke's but i just wanted to mock the design up in these shots while the Luke plaque is being made. The acrylic arm is epoxied into a slot on the back of the walnut block. I wanted to use all mechanical connections but i just didn’t have more time to spend on this project.

To finish this off i still need to sand some of the burn marks on the wood and add a small rubber piece for the saber to sit on. The saber itself is pretty much done but i would still like to add some dust on the grips via some MIG pigments followed by a fixer. The saber is a real 3cell graflex that has a wonderful patina to it to which i added gino grips, a rebelscum bubble strip, and a d-ring and clip that i made from scratch which can be seen here post#88. Big thanks to sym-cha for his help and templates of the d-ring and clip!

Im looking forward to finally being able to display this saber properly as the piece of art it is.

IMG_3778.JPG IMG_3779.JPG IMG_3780.JPG IMG_3782.JPG
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I love it. It looks really good. I'm digging the acrylic arm and having the saber oriented vertically. Very nicely done.


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I really do like the vertical orientation of the saber. It's a nice presentation and a nice change from the typical display. Kudos :thumbsup


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Thanks guys im glad you like it. Im planning on doing something similar for my greedo killer that i have had finished for awhile now but have never done a writeup for. Ill post a couple of pics when this is completely done.


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Any possibilities that you'd offer this for sale? I've been looking for a vertical stand for mine and you really did an outstanding job with this.
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