Custom T-800 premium format (Battle Damaged)


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Figured I would share this here and get some feedback from you guys and since there is a lot of great things on this board. Its about 90 percent finished minus some paint work but Its on hold for a bit so i can finish some other projects. Thinking of redoing the base more like the steel grating at the end of the movie.

I have a thread at SF which i will post the link to to see the work in progress shots if you like.


SF link for original thread
my t-800 premium format project - Statue Forum

This is were this stands now its almost finished!!




MAAAAZING AWESOME. And thank you for sharing, this made my night.

If I may add a few nit picked suggestions... I would thin out his pants belt, skivvy it, sand it and then paint that black and weather it. I think the only tan belts appeared only on the Planet Hollywood T2 statues. But I could be wrong. But it works either way I think.

Also maybe more difficult is taking a small fraction of his neck hem down.

Someone lathe the fellow a few scaled broken arm tubes :)

Also the square buckle could be narrow so the sides don't show. The actual seat belt material was 3" in the movie so I don't know if it's the right scale or the buckle is off. If the buckle 1/16th thick I will laser cut one for you. This is by far the best looking damaged T800 statue to ever be seen.

Would you ever sell it?

Thanks for sharing, not only the finished piece but the process.
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Good god! That is one great custom. I would've never know it was custom. Great job and good luck on the sale
Thanks ,tho this isnt for sale its just something I did for my collection and because nobody makes one at this size. I might make another one tho and throw it up on ebay but again im not sure on that yet.

The buckle was the one that was with the original sideshow piece so im not sure if its true quarter but I would hope so lol never know with sideshow. his belt is tan in the movie but I never did like that color so still have to dirty it up it just sticks out from all the other dark colors.

as far as the neck hem its not positioned yet his head is just set on there right now I wanna redo the head because i lost some details in the chroming process and im thinking of using a male and female power socket.
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Small favor to ask ;) can you make a complete dvd on how you made everything haha I'd soo love that. How did you weather the jacket? light sandpaper? and the holes? dremel bits? your statue looks better than all the lifesize statues I've seen on here.
the belt is black hmm thanks for the pic tho I swear ive seen pics/stills were it was a lightish tan.. hmm one thing i didnt do was video tape any of it i did photograph the whole process and its in the link in the first post.

As far as the weathering I drybrushed varies shades of brown/tan over it, Still might wash a burnt sienna over it to tone it down some. I then used a soldering iroon with a real small tip to melt the material. The jacket is a type of nylon pleather so it melts with heat and tried sanding it and it did nothing.
darb, great work.

I was folloing your build on another forum, and using your build as reference to an old horizon kit rebuild I am doing. I have to say its the best battle damage statue I have seen.

Love it

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