Custom Sonic Screwdriver


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Some time back, we had a Custom Sonic screwdriver contest.
Honestly, I thought I'd started a thread to show mine but after a search of threads created by me, I'm not finding it.
Anyway. I was never 100% satisfied with how mine turned out.
It was meant to be a sort of marriage of the older style and the new.

I had used a lipstick thing I'd found, some aluminum tube, part of an ink pen, and a few hard drive parts to make it but as I said, I was never REALLY happy with it.
This past weekend, I decided to get off of my butt and do something about it.
Some time back, I had bought a "lens pen" with the intent of turning it into a sonic. Given the "marriage of old and new" theme I had in mind, this would be the perfect basis for my second iteration.
I removed the upper assembly from the lipstick container and also ditched the tube aluminum.
I mounted the ink pen section in the part of the "lens pen" that held the brush. On the reverse side, I attached the spare nub from a character options 9/10 sonic.
The emitter, I took apart, adding some detail bits and spraying most of it with a red automotive paint.
The body of the lens pen, I sprayed with rustoleum hammered brass and covered the extreme ends in aluminum tape. This was the result.

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Never one to be 100% satisfied, I decided to add another detail part to the ink-pen section. This was also intended to help hide what that part really was.

Next up, weathering will be applied to the handle to give it the look of old copper/brass.


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Thank you.
I NOW have it (more or less) where I want it to be. A cleaner application of the metallic red paint would have made me happier but I don't really feel like breaking the emitter down just for a repaint.
I added some weathering to it, mostly to the handle using hints of gold, copper, and steel and then giving it a black wash. Once it had all dried for a couple of days, I sealed it with "Future" giving it a (hopefully) more metallic appearance.

some closeups



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I like this one- it is a nice combination of the two styles, and much more convincing than the earlier one.


Nice marriage of old and new and appreciate the skill being displayed with the paint work.

Well done!


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Thanks guys :D
In regards to the paint, I learned to age/weather it this way back in October. A guy I work with wanted me to build him a "steampunk nerf gun" for his costume and I did just that.
When I picked out the copper and brass bits to add to it, I noticed certain variations to the color of the metal. Brighter in areas that saw the most handling, darker in areas with less, almost gold where it had been scratched and hints of silvering where it had probably been in contact with other metals.
There was also the pale blue-green patina that I chose not to emulate for now.
Anyway, I worked all of those into that Nerf gun and I think that it came together nicely.
For the sonic here, I just followed the same pattern of paint apps.