Custom Sonic Screwdriver


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So i got bored while waiting for things to cure and dry for the megaman thing
[Megaman | Facebook so i started on my own version of doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver.
I tried to imagine if i was the Doctor what kind would i like. So i came up with this little guy. I call him the Bundt. It's even able to unlock deadlocks ^^
My plans are to make a limited run of these and have them for sale at my art table at the Wizard con in New Orleans.
Let me know what you think.

Also, this is only the base sculpt. Small nicknacks will be added along with some nice blue LED lights
Thanks. Right now it's one solid resin piece but i plan on adding some plating to the end and also boring through the center and inserting an acrylic tube which will then be lit up via LED lighting. Blue of course.
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