Custom Sonic Screwdriver


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Hi there. I got it in my head to make a custom sonic screwdriver and in the process came across the contest that was held here last year. It was full of amazing entries and while I'm a bit too late to enter, I thought I'd still share what I cobbled together.

This was a junkbin build, I didn't buy a single thing.

The main body of the sonic is the inside of a cheap toy spyglass, while the grey "collar" near the top is cut from the outside. The clear cap is a small paint pot cut down, the light itself is a blue light out of a light-up pen, the green "filter" is a piece of Lego, the cap on the other end is from a toaster. The body was glued shut with CA glue and then sanded and painted, with the copper tape added after for detail. The "collar" and paint pot were left unpainted.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to everyone who's own custom sonics helped inspire this build. :)
And a sonic screwdriver is just a perfect junkbin build. "Is it a tube? Does it light up? Yes!" :p

I've already started another one, too! This prop building thing is infectious!
And it doesn't really even have to light up. I'm working on one now that's more reminiscent of the 4th Doctor's, and it has no lights. =o)
Very true! But Christopher Eccelstone was my first Doctor, and I've a fondness for the sonics he and Tennant. Plus the lighting was easy! My next build doesn't even require wiring or anything, just using the end off a blacklight-ink pen, fits right in snug the body I'm using, with just the tip poking out.

But maybe after that, I'll try to make a custom one with the little "dish" at the end. I'm finding that design more and more attractive....
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