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cayman shen

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Ok, I've been working on this custom saber, and I really like the idea in theory, but something isn't right. I've tried various milled recesses, buttons, etc. Anyone want to make some suggestions? What do you think? I'm considering having this made, but I want to be dead sure before I start making a formal blueprint and looking into machining.

Thanks to wackychimp for hositng the pic.



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Gone but not forgotten.
Try old style grips on it (Graflex style etc) would balance out the center bulge...
Or an hourglass effect to the upper body...


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I agree that some sort of grips need to be there, but you could even try putting rings facing the other direction, like big washers or something.


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It looks top heavy. I'd make the bottom wider (same width as the control box section). It might need a mid step instead of an abrupt jump to that diameter. The Covertec knob would probably also need to stick out more to work right with this adjustment.

You could also add a button or two to the side (up near the control box).

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I enlarged the emitter and the pommel to give it a little more heft, and then added a little detail to the upper grip and then moved your activation box down onto the lower grip. Just ideas. Cool basic design.


franz bolo

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Here is one I did which is kind of similar.

To me, I think the middle part is to fat.

I would either enlarge the emmiter, or slim down the mid section.

Also, the emitter should be larger for this type of saber design. I like the larger pommel you did on the last one.



cayman shen

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Thanks for the input everybody. My initial impulse with the skinny lower section was to suggest the look of the original Kyle Katarn saber. I agree that part needs something, but I want to keep the lower section narrow. Maybe fluting that section, or adding Mara Jade style grips? I'd also considered Qui-Gonesque cutouts on the lower section, to make an asymmetrical grip. I'd also had a milled "panel" on the lower grip that was vaguely reminiscent of the Mundi saber. I sort of liked that, but it really clashed with the control box.

Other suggestions? Keep it coming.


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Your last render is a definite improvement Mike. I'd be tempted to make the ringed section a bit longer for more of a handgrip and maybe pimp out the endcap a bit. :)

Darth Lars

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First thing I would do is to make the pommel bigger and the bulge shorter. You could also add lights or buttons to the side of the activation box or above/below it.
Have you though about a color scheme for your saber? (black/silver/"anodized" look/copper/brass)

Jedi Lawja

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'Add grips' is the first thought I had. It looks good with them. I personally do not like large 'activation boxes'. I'd try something different, perhaps a RECESSED activation slot?


p.s. Nice design, I like it.


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nice design .

IMHO it looks mechanical .........such as all sabers do in the original trilogy

I personally like it . just a thought, you may want to try the mace windu style grips ........... 12 thin and smooth radius strips around the diameter

still gives the classic look with a hint of newer style (if ya want to think of it that way)

I dunno's ultimately up to you
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