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Want to Buy Custom Resin Cast - Small, moderate detail - GAME OF THRONES TULLY SIGIL

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by PaxAddict, May 19, 2015.

  1. PaxAddict

    PaxAddict Jr Member

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    Hey folks,

    So I've got a specific request today.
    I'm working on a Brynden "Blackfish" Tully costume, and I'm making the leather and chainmaille myself, but for the armor, I need his crest.

    I don't know if Resin is the best option, or if there's another, more effective way to get the crest, let me know.

    I'm on a budget (aren't we all?) so I'd prefer a raw cast, that I can finish and paint myself. If you'd like to quote me on both a raw, and a finished model I'd like to hear both quotes.

    So without further ado, I give you Blackfish:


    I don't know the exact dimensions of the sigil in the middle of his chest, but I'm thinking 3.5 inched by 5 inches?

    Let me know what you can do!

  2. KJC

    KJC Active Member

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    I could make this for you. I would need to charge for time to sculpt it plus materials cost to mold and cast it. What is your budget? PM if you don't want to discuss price publicly.
  3. PaxAddict

    PaxAddict Jr Member

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    That's always the hard question, isn't it?

    I priced out buying all the materials I would need and it came out to over $100 from start to finish.

    I would say I'd be willing to go up to about $150 for a cast sigil, and the silicon mold (or what ever mold your method produces). I'd like to be able to make futher Tully costumes for friends and I could justify the price point. If, however, you'd be interested in keeping the mold and selling resin casts of the plaques yourself, I could just purchase a single cast, possibly (probably) buy additional ones in the future. Maybe looking at $50 per cast? (and probably buying 3 total within the next several years)

    Actually, I could buy 3 now for $150. In case I botch this first one somehow.

    Now, I'm just throwing out numbers here. I have a few rfq out with custom resin casting services, so hopefully by week's end, I'll have a much better idea for what a custom cast should cost. But time is as important a factor as budget, so I would be willing choose a more expensive service if they can promise an arrival before the end of June.

    How far off base am I?

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