Custom Night Owl Helmet


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Wanted to share this latest commission. I'm about to leave or a few weeks so wanted to get this completed before taking off. It's for a local's daughter's custom mando. Happy with how it turned out! The tear drop is a gloss red, but hard to pic up in these pics. Hope you like it!

EDIT: I didn't get many pics of it prior, but this was previously a Bo Katan helmet. Not entirely sure if the father put it together or had someone else, but it needed a bit of TLC. Can't tell in these pics but it was rough around the edges. Not terrible though, perhaps very easy clean up. Removing rustolium paint though is not fun and was honestly the hardest part.

The tear drop was requested and I sculpted it from 2-part filler. It's based off of gladiator-style helmet tear. Gave it actual depth so it looked like a "real" tear, eliminating a 2D appearance.










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