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Issac Akutenshi

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So I just joined and this is my first thread, and forgive me if I've just posted this in the wrong area and there's supposedly a proper section for this...

I'd like to make my own custom lightsaber, but I don't want just the simple hilt like what BFX did. I'd like the sounds and lights and such. Problem is I'm a tad broke so I'm using what I have and really the only things I hope to buy are the metal tubes for the main body and jerry big everything else.

I'm assuming I can use a pre-existing soundboard and such, and have there lightsabers to choose from:
- The build your own lightsaber
- The Obi Wan "feel the force" vibrating lightsaber (which I've opened up before in order to cut out the motor as it's annoying and was it's own circuit so it hindered nothing but the motor itself)
- A soon to be arriving Force Unleashed color changing lightsaber.
- (might buy my Wal-Marts Grievous lightsaber as it's on sale and if its good for this project)

I bring up all three (five if you found the Grievous double blade) because I don't know much about the insides and if its even wise to butcher one of them to savage the soundboard for a custom.
I'd personally lose the least amount of sleep killing the Obi Wan one.

For the blade I have one of those cheap lightsaber things you buy at carnivals and such the have the frosted tube and the basic handle and light that go for a little over $5.

So I guess my main issue is the sounds.

I'm guessing there are hundreds of threads like this here but I can never find them on forum sites. (It's the same nightmare I have looking for the one nerf mod for a gun on Nerf Haven or NerfRevolution and find all these other threads and get lost...)

So either tips, links to tutorials either on the forum or like Youtube or something, or any help would be appreciated.

Oh also any links to parts on either professional sites or off shoot sites or even what to look up on say Ebay would be helpful.


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Issac. I recommend checking out The Custom Saber shop store and forum. Here's a link to the forum...

The Custom Saber Shop Forums

I also recommend the Imperial Royal Arms and FX-Sabers forums.

Imperial Royal Arms - Home - Index

Just go to these forums and read, then read... and then read some more before asking questrions. Anything you have to ask about sabers has already been answered, you just have to find the right thread. I hope that helps.