Custom Halo 3 "multiplayer" ODST Helmet Paint Up


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On the home stretch with this already, but figured I'd post this. The main colors are on (finished the main blue stripe today). I want to add some emblems, including my personal multiplayer emblem I use in-game. Maybe kill stripes as well, IDK

Anyways, here it is. I want to wait until I add the emblems to add weathering




If anyone know of good techniques for adding printed emblems without having to go get them custom made, pleast LMK!


The only ways I've seen used to make labels at home are with the standard office decal/sticker paper, or with the Testors Decal Sheets. The sticker paper doesn't have a very nice finish IMO, and can't get wet. From what I've read, the Testors sheets require a good bit of prep to get them to stick or print correctly, which is worry-some. In my experience, getting 8.5x11 sheets of custom cut vinyl decals from a local sign shop looks the best. You'll spend anywhere from $10-50 for a sheet that size, plus however much time it takes to vector out your emblems just how they need them. IMO, I'd spend the time and money to get the vinyl decals. You don't want an ugly little decal on the pretty paint job.
If you don't want to go the route of custom decals or printer sticker paper, perhaps you could make stencils. Trace the patterns on to masking tape, razor them out, and paint.
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