Custom functional Sonic Screwdriver tutorial


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I just finished making this custom Sonic Screwdriver for my son Sam. He's super into electronics and making things and we had a ton of fun making this together. He's a happy little Time Lord!

There's a complete build tutorial here-




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Angelus Lupus

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That would make an excellent alternative 8th Doctor Sonic.Nice mix of the brass and wood, with a hint of 9th Doctor feel but it somehow turned out way better than other 'steampunk-ish'/hybrid sonics I've seen.
Lucky son!


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Thanks- glad you like it! I definitely wanted it to have a sort of Victorian look to it but I didn't want to over do it.


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That is a really neat and unique sonic screwdriver. Very much like the old Doctor Who versions of the sonic with that of the 10th Doctor. Looks really great!!!
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