Custom DL-44 Contest – Official Voting Thread

Boba Debt

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PLEASE use this thread only for posting your vote ONLY

Voter eligibility rules:

1 - You must have been a member prior to July 2017

2 - You must have participated in other threads prior to July 22nd

3 - You must have been active on the RPF in the past year

The voting phase will last 2 weeks and end at 2359 PST on Aug 5th

A simple vote by the number will make it easier to keep track of the count

If you want to discuss the submissions please use the original thread at

Thanks and good luck to the contestants.


7 >




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I vote 7

They're all super stellar. Man some awesome ideas, and a lot of work
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Wow, very nice work guys, they are all very nice and inspiring, it's very hard to vote!:thumbsup

I'll vote for #3 because it's very different and has a rocketeer feeling with the colors scheme and the gun model + a forbidden planet/old B movies feeling which is really super nice!

I think there is something weird going on with number 5 which has countless 1post accounts voting for him, maybe only post count superior to a certain amount should be considered. :wacko


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I can see all of them fitting into the universe :) Some great builds makes it really hard to choose...

I'll vote.. #2

Followed extremely closely buy #5 and #8 ..

its a tough choice !

Creative builds all, maybe ill get mine finished for the next time :)


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That´s a lot 1 post Users for no. 5. I wonder if someone has asked friends to vote for it?

Other than that - many good versions that all fit in universe. But i have to give my vote for no.2 - it has the most "not the usual altered Denix/DL 44" look for me. Followed by no.3 for it´s cool "vintage scifi" look.
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