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New project underway! This thread will cover the build of a custom concept Bullseye. This version of the character is being based on this design by John Gallagher that was sent to me by the client.

I began the project by working on the mock ups for the upper half of the suit. Based on the measurements sent by the client, I created fitting blocks for the shirt, vest and cowl.

Once I had fitting notes back from the client, I began working up the final patterns and kicked off the build. I decided to begin with the cowl.
The cowl is based on a new design I’ve come up with and I’m testing it on this project as well as a new Batman project. For Bullseye, the cowl will be largely fabric with some stretch areas built in. There will be fabric covered EVA foam details and the face plate will be EVA foam that’s built to integrate to the cowl and include a cast rubber target for the forehead.
I began by taking the mock up apart and laying out the pattern.

The cowl was then pieced together in cordura, jumbo spandex, eva foam and faux leather.

I then finalized the face plate pattern and cut it from 6mm EVA foam. I cut the detail lines into the foam and heat formed the piece to fit with the cowl.

Here’s the face plate pinned to the cowl. It will be sealed, coated with Plasti-Dip and painted before being attached to the cowl.

In the meantime, Jordan has been working on the models and printing for the shoulder armor (based on templates from the Mar-vell build) and the forehead target.

Next up, the vest gets underway. Stay tuned!
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It's a short update today, but I'm pretty happy with the progress so far. So, picking up where I left off...

While the accessory pieces were getting underway, I got started on the upper body. I began with the shirt sleeves. I took the mock up apart, traced out the sleeve patterns and drew in the details that I wanted to include.

The base for the sleeves is muslin with cordura on the outer sleeves and faux leather on the under sleeves. I then added the ‘armor’ details using headliner foam covered with faux leather. They back section of the under sleeves is jumbo spandex to give movement.

Once the sleeves were assembled, I added the shoulders, built the body of the shirt in black ponte and attached them.

I then tested the look of the cowl with the shirt so that I could see how the pieces matched up.

Next, I got started on the vest. The vest is similar to Punisher and Daredevil and will zip up the sides. The front is muslin covered with black cordura and then I started layering up the details.
The reference doesn’t have a very clear view of the chest and torso, except some of the abs. So, I decided to take it in my own direction and borrow some details from both Punisher and Daredevil to make it look like it fits into the Netflix/MCU.
Here’s the front of the vest with the abs partially completed and the whole upper body together at this point.

Next, the vest will get completed and the pants will get underway. Stay tuned…


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This makes me sad that there won't be a season 4of Daredevil. The rumor was that season would focus on a fully formed Bullseye.... That would be a great time to introduce THIS costume. It would fit right in!!!