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Hi everyone! Excited to have found this forum and hopefully can find some help with a Halloween costume I’m putting together. I’m going as Hagrid, the giant from Harry Potter. I purchased some “monster boots” from a Halloween store. They are basically silly looking platform boots. I was thinking I could create a shell around them to look like a giant’s boot. They would look less silly and more resemble the character. Problem is...I don’t know how to do it. My first thought was paper mache or plaster. I would need some advice but I’m thinking I can cover the boots with either and then paint it brown or cover with leather/cloth. Or, perhaps the answer is just using stuffing and building a leather or cloth shell around that?

I'm a total novice to this stuff, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I can even trade you graphic design in return! :) I haven't done paper mache since I was in 4th grade!

I’m including pictures of the boots and the character action figure/actor for an idea of what I WANT them to look like.

Thank you anyone who who can Assist!






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I love this costume.

Covering the boots with leather would be the most accurate as the boots would have been leather, you could use vinyl for a less expensive option. You could also use EVA foam. It is easy to work with, can be heat shaped and paints very well and quite inexpensive. There are loads of tutorials on you-tube on how to use EVA foam. Lots of people use the foam floor mats that you can get at home supply stores, you know the ones that puzzle together.

Hope that helps a little.


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i used pleather/fake leather on my T-600 terminator boots i followed a "evil ted" video and made a tin foil covered in duct tape pattern then transferred it to fake leather, trick i found was to wet it and it would stretch around curves.

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Those are both really good ideas. I like the foam because it would be sturdy to hold the shape, but light so I don't feel like I'm wearing cement boots all night. The biggest trick is getting the shape right. I think the foam would allow for that and then I can choose either painting it or covering with pleather like Gothic did. Speaking of which, you KILED it on those boots! They look incredible. I'm gonna start with the foam and a heat gun to make the shell and then I can decide if I want to just paint or go the full on pleather route. Definitely will pre cut and form the foamI'm thinking one piece for the toe cap and then just split the sides.


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i used a boot footprint picture i found online (like this one) and used it as a template for my insulation foam