Custom bio mask 3D print for NECA 1/4 scale jungle hunter Predator figure


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I've recently been bitten by the NECA 1/4 scale bug and have 8 of the Predator figures as well as Dutch. I only have 1 of the three classic "jungle hunter" figures, the closed mouth version, and this means I have no figures with the classic bio mask look. The nearest is Big Red with the slightly modified P1 styled bio. I decided to 3D print a bio that I could have the jungle hunter hold, or placed beside him, and ended up trying to make it so it could fit over his face although the mandibles are a little too open for the mask to sit flush against the face.

While working on the model in Sketchup I stumbled on photos of the internals of what I think is the Sideshow bio, and ended up adding a few details inside while at it. Once the model was completed in Sketchup it was exported in DAE format, imported into Meshlab to convert to OBJ format, and finally imported into netfabb to be exported to STL ready for printing. It was printed on a Stratasys Fortus 250mc printer that I have access to at work, which uses ABS with PLA support, and has a print resolution of 0.25mm. It still needs a little more soaking in caustic solution to remove the last remains of the PLA, but I'm pretty happy with the results and thought I'd share them in case anyone else is tempted to do something similar.

The original mesh was created from a PDO file here on Predatorium that I was able to convert to OBJ format, cleaned up a little in Sketchup 2015 and then an internal layer added to make it 3D before running through Meshlab to make it a lot smoother, then edited again in Sketchup to replace the left temple hose connector, add a hose connector socket to the left cheek, and add the internal ridges on the upper surface, and vents and hoses in the mouth area. I make a 3D scan of the jungle hunter head in 123D Catch on my phone, resized this to match the actual NECA head, then resized the bio to fit this head mesh as closely as possible.

Once it's cleaned up it'll need wiping with acetone to smooth out some of the print lines, probably buffed a little with a dremel sanding head, primed and painted. Hopefully I'll get around to this over the next few days and post an update if anyone is interested.

Initial mesh in Sketchup with internal layer added.


Final mesh ready for printing


3D print with most of the support material removed


More details and photos are available in my blog at



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This took nearly 6 hours to print. It's about 20cm3 of ABS, and used up about 23cm3 of PLA support material. It's also pretty strong, despite being almost see through in some areas. The eye lenses I should have made a bit thicker, there are a few gaps around the edge that will need a tiny bit of filler. Once the last little bits of PLA are dissolved out of the lasers and the internal vents I'll get it primed and post up new pics, it'll look a lot better as the ivory ABS doesn't photograph very well and the camera on my phone isn't too good anyway so the finer details are blurred in that photo above.

Edit: added some more photos at
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Thanks for the suggestion, that looks like it will sort out the lens issue easily.

Still got a few blobs of PLA to remove, one more caustic soda bath should do it.

Here are some photos I took last night with my camera.



Okami Skullcrusher

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Your nailed size and proportions on that bio. Well done!
I see the main differences on the places for tri-lasers and on the otherside where the hoses belong between your bio and Neca's.
Will you carve some battle-damage on your bio?


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The lasers and temple hose connector are different to the NECA one, I didn't want an exact duplicate of it. The top is also slightly longer, you can't tell from the front. I probably won't do any damage on this one unless it's accidental, but now I've printed it once and know the size is right I can always print some more and try out some damage.

Okami Skullcrusher

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Bring some paint on your bio!
And also some variations based on these would be nice:
- Predators (brokken bio)
- P2 (scout bio without lasershroud)
- comic novel (enforcer bio which reminds me a lot on TMNT Schredder's helmet)





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I only plan to have this one printed for now. It's already been primed and the first layer of paint applied, but I'm not happy with it as the silver is far too shiny. Also the silver paint has highlighted the ridges in the printing that weren't apparent with the primer coat, so I'll probably just use this one to try out different paint applications. I may have to strip it first to apply a liquid filler coating to smooth it all out, although I might print another one and just use this first one as a rough dummy run. If I do print another I'll probably thicken up the interior hoses as they were too thin and broke away without the PLA support and I had to use some epoxy putty to create new ones.

Unfortunately the NECA 1/4 P1 closed mouth head isn't closed enough for the bio to fit, at least not without a large gap round the sides, so I may well hunt down a 1/4 scale masked jungle hunter figure to add to my collection - the only 1/4 scale figures I don't have at the moment are the open mouthed and masked jungle hunters, I've got all 8 of the others and Dutch. It's a blurry pic, and some of them are still boxed in this shot, but they're all out on the shelves in my living room either side of the TV now:


There's also the NECA 22" Alien and the 1/4 TDK Joker (which I bought for my wife) lurking at the right, and out of shot is a NECA 1/4 Iron Mark VII :)


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I wouldn't want to risk damaging any of the heads. I could live with getting just the masked bio head but I've never seen one parted out. Would like to get the open mouthed head too sometime, but the prices for those two figures are silly - I was lucky to get the closed mouth version a few months ago for a reasonable price.

I guess I could 3D print an entire head with mask, but the ABS is too stiff for the dreads so I'd need to find a different way to make those.



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Finally got some paint on the bio. Halfords grey primer, Audi Quartz Silver metal main coat, Tamiya Smoke shading, GW Mithril Silver for eyes and lasers, GW Tin Bits for internal details. My painting skills are pretty basic, but it'll do for now.

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