Custom Batman Full Body Armor - EVA Foam


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This is going to be my first attempt at a full suit of armor that takes different parts of each Batman costumes as inspiration such as the dark knight, batman begins, new 52, arkham games, and animated movies

There will be around 50 different pieces that will make this suit of armor and will be underneath a zentai bodysuit
I may change some designs from the original concept but not too much will be altered

The thread is apart of a total transparent project

I already have all the materials needed for this project including
Chest and leg mannequin
(6) 3'x3' Foam sheets 1/2" thick
36"x78" Foam mat 1/2 cm thick
Hot glue gun with 12 sticks
Heat gun 700-1100 degrees
(5) Graph boards 22"x28"
Xacto Knife

Other items I have to complete the suit include
Cosplay boots
Knee and shin guards
Utility belt (10 pouch)

Props I am saving money for
Batman Cowl (haven't decided, any ideas)
Cape (will be fabricated by my cousin)
Zentai bodysuit
Texture printing

Stay tuned for updates

Any questions or advice is welcomed



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Here are the boots and shin guards I picked up from Amazon for about 60 bucks together, the shin guards will be sanded and repainted with a satin finish to match the boots, cape, and gauntlets


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Loving the design so far. Can't wait to see more work. You say you got the shins and boots on Amazon? I may need to shop for mine there. Finding stuff elsewhere but way out of my budget.


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Loving the design so far. Can't wait to see more work. You say you got the shins and boots on Amazon? I may need to shop for mine there. Finding stuff elsewhere but way out of my budget.
Yeah there are many different shin guards that are cheap on amazon, the ones I purchased were roughly 20 bucks. Just search for "motorcycle shin guards", there were others that looked better but I needed to stay within what I could afford


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Sorry for not posting any updates on the build, work has been hectic and I watched Avengers last night.

But I was able to draw up some new gaunlets that I will be working on after the belt is complete



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Sanded and textured the 3 shin/knee guard plates with waterproof sealer, sanded again, and coated with a satin finish

Utility belt buckle was coated with the same sealer, didnt sand at all. Same paint finish, ready to be glued to the belt


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Few more hours until the belt is fully finished, decided to work on the other shin/knee guards, and cut out the fins for the gauntlets


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I like that fin shape. It's different enough but doesn't look over designed.
Thanks for the comment, really want to do something different with this build but stay in the realm of traditional batman style. The fins are actually a design from some cheap leather gauntlets on ebay, just liked them alot and traced them out


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I injured my right hand at work, don't know if it's just a sprain, fracture, or broken so the project is on hiatus until further notice, sorry for letting you guys down


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Since I fractured my wrist and it is taking its toll on my work, I decided to spend some hard earned cash on a couple of items


I made my decision on a cowl and found this arkham origins cowl and neck on here created by rpf member "coofunkcurly", can't wait

Got some new gloves

I will try and work on the gauntlets this weekend since its a holiday but only if my pain tolerance allows me to work