CSTS Los Angeles Event to be Broadcast Live


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MichelleBuffyfest said:
Great news for Browncoats everywhere! As you have probably heard, the one and only Joss Whedon will attend the Los Angeles CSTS screening. Now, even if you don’t live in LA, you will be able to experience this amazing event, because portions of the event will be webcast live!

The LA event is also going to have many other exciting guests. Jessica Neuwirth and Amanda Sullivan from Equality Now will be in attendance, as will Felicia Day, Michael Fairman, and Joey Spiotto!

ComiCenter LIVE, the online podcast talk show that focuses on the comic book and entertainment industries, will be broadcasting live video from the event. They will be interviewing attendees and special guests, and capturing the reactions from the crowd on hand.

To access the livestream, go to GeekWeek Live starting at 6:30 PST on June 25.
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