CSI Special Effects Close Up Foot


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I won this at a Premiere Props auction, it's a special effects close up foot used in CSI for their signature shots where they do the close-ups. I'm still trying to track down the exact episode it's from.... only a few of them to go through :rolleyes
Yeah I know.. Once I track down the episode it should be easier to see what part of the foot it is lol. With my luck the Premiere Props description was wrong :lol
Could it be something that is seen through a microscope and not a foot ? What did the description say if I may ask ?
Here's the description from the auction

C.S.I. (2000-Present) - Insert of a foot used for a close-up shot where a nail goes into a foot. Used to make the show’s signature inside the body sequences. (29x20x10). This item is oversized and will require additional shipping costs. Please email for shipping rates prior to bidding.​
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That's a cool unusual prop. Once you get a foothold on what it is exactly, let us know. It might be somewhat of a task, so stay on your toes!
LOL yeah time to start getting DVD's from Netflix. Still trying to figure out how to display it seeing it's rather large
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