Crysis 3 Nanosuit

Ambroise 27

New Member
Small update.
I need to make a latex helmet. Will make 2 versions. One with a visor from the paintball mask visor and zip on the back. Second with the mesh visor to make air going in and out easier and also with the zip on the back. Plastic helmet is to hard to put on and small.
Need to airbrush a little more black hex again on the front neck area and repaint all silver parts. Then I can airbrush clear coat.
I will make 5 copies of this costume to get the money back for the silicone I had to buy to finish this project.
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Looks fantastic, the paint job is incredible. Bravo


Master Member
I saw your suit in Project Runs section. One thing I personally would have done differently is make the zipper at the very back/middle of the costume, and then cover it up with a removeable spine with magnets or velcro, rather than make it on the side. Other than that: awesome project that turned out great

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