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At Crookknight’s Imperial Assembly Line, we offer a full range of armor building services for many types of Star Wars armor. We can rough trim, size, fine tune, assemble, paint, and finish your armor build for you. We can even assist with the ordering of parts for your costumes with reputable vendors around the world. As with every build, we treat each helmet / armor kit as if they were our own. All work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Services and prices are listed below.

Pricing quotes listed below is for building helmet / armor supplied by you. We can assist with finding the right type of armor for you based on your needs and body type, if needed. If you want us to supply the armor also, pricing will vary based on type of armor you desire.

**Shipping back to you is NOT included in the below pricing and vary based on your location and delivery service desired. **
**All price quotes reflect the requirements for Basic Approval in the 501st. Additional Levels of requirements, per the current 501st Legion CRL, may increase the cost**

(Price below is based on current armor vendor costs + assembly services)

(Ready-to-Wear Hard Armor Only) Items supplied by customer.

Below pricing is for a standard TK build. Contact us directly for a final price quote.
· Hard armor plus helmet: $500 USD
· Hard armor only (no helmet): $450 USD
· Helmet only: $100 USD

For more information, you can visit our website at HOME | CROOKKNIGHT'S IMPERIAL TROOPER SERVICES
or our Facebook Page at Crookknight's Imperial Assembly Line

We build any and all Star Wars armor. We can also source everything you need.

Post here if you want a quote.



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Current commission list is below: Updated Weekly.

Once we receive your down-payment and/or armor, your name is added to the list and you save your spot.

1. ANH TK full Commission - Completed
2. FOTK full Commission - Completed
3. ANH TK Full Commission - Completed
4. ANH TK Full Commission - Complete by 4/15/2019
5. Tie Pilot Hard Armor
6. ANH TK Full Commission
7. Clonetrooper
8. Eden
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