Interest CRONOS - "Vampire Device"!!! (24k Gold-Plated Metal)


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RelicMaker any chance of shipping these out with a replica of the drawings, like you have in your posts?! I can't be the only person that wants those as well!!
I need to redo them and make better ones. I made these within an hour and they're actually crap up close...
They're just prints of the actual drawings, and then I just took a black pen to one of them, to bring out the drawing. Not my best work, but I wanted them for the photo shoot.


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Yeah, the drawings would be a nice addition indeed...

Also curious what customs will think when this package passes. "Vampire device? What the...". Oh man, the stuff I had shipped to me that custom services had to try to figure out what it actually was... Clock of Ages, Headpieces of Ra, a Mogwai, Swords, Rocketeer Helmet, etc, etc... I'm probably blacklisted by homeland security by now ;-).


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Agree on the drawings. I'd be interested in those as well, but if in the end it's just the bug, I'd be just as happy.


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Great. Might be on holidays for two weeks by the time payment is due, but I defenitely want one!

Josh Yanez

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~ Vampire Device ~

This is a new run of the "Vampire Device" that was sculpted from hi-res Archive photos of the original prop!!!

So, you are getting an extremely accurate casting of the original Vampire Device, and can't get any closer to owning the original prop than owning this beautiful replica.

The Round Snake-Knob spins, and each joint of the legs and needle are articulate (Non-mechanical) moving parts!

Each and every part was hand-sculpted out of clay, molded and cast in Pewter Metal, 24k Gold-Plated and aged!!!

Also, the Amber-colored Crystal on top is actual hand-cut "Cubic Zirconia" Crystal!!!

Every detail is crisp and exactly like the original! As you can see from the photos below, you can see the details match the screen captures exactly!

Weight: Almost a pound at 15 oz.

Dimensions (closed): 9 cm x 6 cm x 5 cm

Price: (Shipping NOT Included!)

Waiting List:
1. Digital Mayhem
2. Marcuskelly720
3. MiamiLoco
4. RhinoActual
5. silverskyes402
6. D48thRonin
7. el toro
8. faust1103
9. Liberance
10. Louis Testaniere (OL)
11. asavage
12. TomVDJ
13. Joe310blk
14. userd1402
15. eaviii

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Awesome job! If I’m still in time, count me in, please. I am very interested in having one and the price is more than reasonable. Congratulations for your talent!


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How tight are the poseable legs? Will they stay snug against the body when retracted? Is the body mostly hollow?


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How tight are the poseable legs? Will they stay snug against the body when retracted? Is the body mostly hollow?
The legs are movable and not tight, but are able to be posed. The legs are also very loose when retracted, since there is nothing that holds them in a fixed position, due to the skinny legs and the holes they retract from. If the legs were tight going through the holes, it would eventually start removing the gold-plating.
I brainstormed a lot on how to prevent this, but each idea I came up with it hindered other functions and ruined the cosmetic look of the Device.
How you see it posed in the pictures is how you will be able to pose it.