Interest Creative Conceptz Reverse Flash emblems prints


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing 3D prints of some of these Reverse Flash chest emblems, side belt bolt emblems, and the center belt buckle. These were made for a client that just quit responding so it's time to try and give someone else the chance to try and get these items!
A $15 shipping fee for all orders, unless it's international..then I'll have to figure out the cost for those orders as they come.

We can offer two options.
1.) 3D print straight off the printer with support structures removed.
2.) 3D print with support structures removed and acetone treatment for extra smooth finish. ($20 flat extra fee per order, so if you order 3 prints it's just $20 for treatment, if you order 1 print it's still $20 for treatment).

Chest emblem 3D print - $35
Belt bolt pieces - $20
Belt Buckle - $50

screenshot 221.JPG screenshot 222.JPG screenshot 223.JPG screenshot 224.JPG screenshot 225.JPG screenshot 226.JPG


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