Creating my Han Solo DL-44 with burning laser


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I made this about a year ago and am just now getting around to posting pics of the build. You can see a video of the early version here:
First, I started with a Denix, and made a few standard mods. (logo, firing pin, sight) then took the barrel to a machine shop to bore-out a perfectly centered hole to accommodate the 250mW laser:

Next I made a bull barrel with exterior sleeve for the flash-hider. (This was tough without a lathe - a drill press with lubed ball bearing and a metal file had to suffice.) ;)
The real trick was making it so the laser could be focused. Using some resin putty and I washer, I created a part that would slide along the knurled lens housing as the flash hider is twisted:

Next I had to figure out the electronics. Not being an electrical engineer I knew I wanted to keep it all working on a simple 3-4v circuit because of the laser. Luckily, most LiPo batteries found in micro R/C helicopters are 3.7v, as are cell-phones (used the speaker out of a cheap LG), and the sound card in those Rubies blasters are 3v:
Here was one of the first tests of the laser:
I used the switch out of an alarm clock from goodwill for the trigger, and a headphone jack for the charging port. It was a tight squeeze, even before the battery:
As I was trying to keep with the spirit of an off-the-shelf build, I used the piston greeblie cut out from the Rubies blaster with some holes for sound drilled out behind it...
...and some angled aluminum for the scope mount. Since I posted the video, I upgraded with a couple DEC parts and the wood grips off of another Denix. I also added the Greedo-killer style Weaver mounts, and an old scope cut down with a microscope piece for the front lens. I'm pretty happy with how it looks now, though I suspect I'll keep tweaking it:
Thanks to SCOTTJUA for tips on creating the right look for the flash-hider and the rest of the RPF for all the research that has gone into figuring out the history of this iconic movie prop!
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Wow! I didn't realize that was yours WyoWilliam. Fantastic work! That early video was an inspiration for me during my Dec/Denix build. I opted for an LED instead of using a laser in mine 'cause the younglings would put their eyes out with it. :/


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Could you make the power of the laser adjustable with a trim pot or something? I've thought about doing this but being able to turn down or switch the power so you don't have to be as careful where you aim it :)


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This nice thing is that since the laser is adjustable, it achieves the same thing. When it is unfocused, it's relatively harmless. (Kinda like using a magnifying glass with the sun - you have to get it just right to burn.)

PS - I realize it took me two years to respond, but I never got any sort of notification that anyone was responding on this thread for some reason. Must be a setting thing. Sorry!