Creating an Iron Man Suit Using Corrugate and a Plotting Table

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    Hey Everyone,
    I'm a huge fan of a lot of the content all you guys and gals on the RPF have produced, and I've finally made up my mind to join the fray.

    Due to my major (graphic communications, more simply described as commercial scale printing), I have access to a lot of corrugate, large-scale digital printing, and a high end plotter table.
    I'm hoping to use those to my advantage to create an Iron man mk 42 suit from Iron Man 3 using layered corrugate, with the color printed directly onto the pieces prior to cutting.

    This way I can pitch this as demonstration of my skill in print and prototype assembly, as well as a demonstration of the kind of content my program of study can produce with our equipment. (which means I can probably use this stuff for free)
    Has anyone ever produced an Iron man suit in a similar way? I'll need to take the pep layouts, convert them to illustrator files, and use those for the print and plotting.
    I'm basically just casting a wide net for advice. What are ya'lls thoughts? Is there a particular pep file you would recommend for this type of assembly?
    If theres a stickied post that addresses this I'm sorry, first time posting.

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